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The Charmed replica makers

Placing your order for a Charmed replica

Well done for getting this far!  You can order a book by sending me an email and let me know below which charmed book you want. It is important to let me know your country and which size book so I can calculate shipping and delivery. Then I can send you all the information on your book and price.
If you want to go on the waiting list you need to pay a deposit and then send the form and I can send you a receipt and more information on your particular book.

If you want to buy direct from the bookstall, when books are available, then you need to send me an email and pay for your book before it can be sent. Use the form below and let me know the code or description of the book and your address so I can calculate the total cost including your shipping and delivery. I will email you back with the full cost so you can arrange payment.

This email form is not sending emails for some silly programming reason.
You can forward an email to Archie direct at

In the interim so I can send you an email with information and price please send
your name
email address
size or version of Charmed book required.

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Size of book
TV version Gold Leaf 700 pages aged,
As on TV, 700 pages aged
Medium, 600 pages aged
Medium 320 pages aged
Miniature, 320 pages aged

I want a Book from the BOOKSTALL - please let me know the type or code in the messgae section.

How have you sent your deposit?
I haven't sent it yet.Waiting for information and price

Bookstall - I will arrange payment later when I know the total cost and shipping charge