The Charmed replica makers

Due to the overwhelming interest in tallpoppy books we have had to change the ordering system. We are trying to do away with the waiting list that has arisen, but your interest in our books is increasing. We will be making a selection of tallpoppy books each month - Charmed included - and offering these for sale on our website. Book Stall - There you can select and purchase tallpoppy books when they become available and have your book dispatched immediately upon receipt of payment with No waiting list.

For those of you who are willing and patient to wait we will be continuing the ordering system as usual. Upon receiving a deposit and your order we will email a receipt and full details of your book and then place you on our waiting list. We will not be able to provide an exact date of when your book will be finished but merely make the books in order of deposits received. You will also have the option of buying any of the books from the Book Stall, transferring your deposit for that and dropping off of the waiting list - having received your book.

commencing 2007 Selection of Books available each month

To get on our waiting list for books, you need to send us a deposit of $100, €80 or £50.  This shows us that you are serious about getting a book, and allows us to place your book on our waiting list of books to make.

The preferred method of payment is Euro via  If you have not yet got a PayPal account, we advise you to set one up, as they are invaluable for online purchases.  At they have the answers to all questions you may have about the service.

PayPal works by sending money to an e-mail address.  We've set up the buttons below to send the correct amount to the correct address.  You can also just go to and type it in yourself.


TO PAY for any book or balance you can use this box to

select amount or refer below for country

This allows you to enter your own amount from a secure site.

It will have Donation as label but it is a payment.



If you prefer to send your deposit in some other way, then go to our forums and read the FAQ.

Anyone can also pay direct into our French or Australian Bank accounts.

European based clients can pay direct into our Lyonnais French Bank account - details sent by email

Australian based clients can pay direct into our ANZ Australian Bank account - details sent by email

The next step

Once you have sent your deposit, you can place your order.  We will put you on our waiting list (which may be a few weeks long).  Once your book is almost finished, we shall write to ask you to send the rest of the cost of the book, plus postage, minus the deposit already sent.  Then we send the book out.  When you have received it, it would be great if you could come onto our forums and tell the other customers what you think of your book, and post photos if you like.