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Saint Begga (also Begue, Begge) (615 – 17 December 693)


was the daughter of Pepin of Landen, mayor of the palace of
Austrasia, and his wife Itta. On the death of her husband, she
took the veil, founded seven churches, and built a convent at
Andenne on the Meuse River (Andenne sur Meuse) where
she spent the rest of her days as abbess. She was buried in
Saint Begga's Collegiate Church in Andenne. Some hold that
the Beguine movement which came to light in the 12th
century was actually founded by St. Begga; and the church in
the beguinage of Lier, Belgium, has a statue of St. Begga
standing above the inscription: St. Begga, our foundress.
The Lier beguinage dates from the 13th century. More than
likely, however, the Beguines derived their name from that of
the priest Lambert le Begue, under whose protection the
witness and ministry of the Beguines flourished.[1][2]

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Marriage and issue
She married Ansegisel, son of Arnulf, Bishop of Metz, and had three children:
Pepin of Heristal
Martin of Laon
Clotilda of Heristal, who was married to Theuderic III of the Franks

She is commemorated as a saint on her feast days, 6 September and 17 December.
St. Begga's Feast Day is 17 December.[3]

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