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Hocus Pocus Movie Spell Book Replica

New Edition - 2020

Most of the TV and movie books seen on screen are only props and not fully functioning books. The Hocus Pocus book, for example, has several versions.  The prop with the moving eye has no page inserts but only electronics contained in a box cover. We have a fixed glass eye mounted on the cover so we can include a full book of usable pages.  We take our work to the next level of recreating these props into a real hand made functioning book made in the traditional renaissance style art of bookbinding.  

We only select the highest grade materials - 216 gsm archival papers rated to last over 300 years, full hide leather, archival glues and threads and conservation waxes and pigments.  The movie prop has a plastic cast cover so we have recreated the cover in full hide leather and hand sewn waxed cord.  This book takes a lot longer to make than our charmed books.   The cover emblems are not cast but each hand sculptured.  The cover is raised with leather packed substrate and then hand stitched and waxed.  The leather is stained with our secret dragon blood dye which is a rare vegetable plant extract native to Australia.  It has an amazing patina which will darken over the years with age.  This extract was scientifically analyzed by one of my Florence restoration masters in Italy and was used on a $10m Pontormo renaissance painting to age the final varnish. Just one aspect where we strive to create a book as it was intended in real life in a full hand sewn functioning book.
The Hocus Pocus book has 480 pages
of which 22 are the graphic potion pages spread throughout the book. 
You can have the option of graphics or no graphics.
Actual page size of 33 cm ( 13") x 25cm (10").  
The overall book size 34.5cm (13.5") x 28cm (11") with a thickness of 10cm (4") 
Overall Weight   5kg ( 11lbs)
Price of the Hocus Pocus replica edition is

US$1350 plus courier to USA $135.    Total US$1485

€ 1220 Plus courier to Europe € 122   Total 1342

1045 Plus courier to UK 105   Total 1150

AUD$ 1600 plus AusPost $25  Total  $1625

Deposit of US$300 and balance paid once your book has been completed and prior to courier collection.  
unt is
You can also pay using your credit card without opening a paypal account. If you use this link it will take you to our web page. Then select relevant button and click. This will take you to a secure site where you will not have to provide us with any of your personal credit card information.
Receipt will be sent for all amounts paid and update emails of your books progress.   
You can also use our payment plan listed below.  We do not charge any extra fees or any interest or other charges.
We have a simple payment plan. You can pay by instalments any amount that you prefer as and when you want. Your first payment is the deposit and then you will go on our waiting list and I proceed to make your charmed book. When it is finished we set it aside with your name on it until the balance has been paid. When any amount is paid we send a receipt and let you know the balance remaining. All I ask is that part payments are kept to even amounts like 50 100 or 200 to make it easier for accounting. We do not charge any extra fees for this or any interest or other charges. It is just a very simple payment plan that makes it easier for people to pay off their books. Or you can of course pay for your book in one amount at any time.
The amount is set when you pay your deposit and the price will not increase or go up even if we have other price increases on our books. We do this every couple of years to keep in touch with rising materials etc. But once you have paid a deposit the price is set with no price rises. If there is any way of reducing the price, for example cheaper shipping rates or materials, then I will pass on these reductions and reduce your price.  Please be aware of the conditions in regards to deposits. We are happy to refund full deposits up to 2 weeks after initial receipt date if you change your mind having read all the details provided. After that we will need to purchase materials, outlay funds and time for the making of your book. So once we begin the process of making your book we do not offer a refund of deposits. Once your book has been made and completed we do expect payment of the balance remaining within a reasonable time unless an arrangement has been made for part payments. In which case you can extend the payment period for the balance remaining.
We hand make each book for each specific order. So each one is specially made. The actual book will only take two weeks to make and then about 5 to 10 days to air express to you once I get your book finished.  The waiting list is dependant on demand and at this stage is expected to be 6 weeks but we will advise updates on this with your order enquiry.
Address to be confirmed and phone contact to assist the courier delivery. 
Actual Hocus Pocus replica book images
Hocus pocus cover
      Hocus Pocus front cover
 Hocus Pocus corner emblem

Hocus pocus latch
Example of page graphic - note - definition here is reduced to allow webpage image
Hocus Pocus movie Book

All guaranteed hand made, no machinery or modern equipment used - the only exception to that is the printing. Exact to renaissance methods. Comes with signed certificate of authenticity by the master bookbinder, Numbered and registered, includes 3 ribbon bookmarks, information on ink and care, several full size spare pages and information on replacing a page, spare archival paper to test your inks out on, Full leather wrap and strap to protect your book.

Please note that each book is individually hand made and the hand cast emblems and the dragon blood stain will vary slightly for each book.

The clasp design has been redesigned as the movie prop had overhang clasp and very weak hinges - most likely to break - and it served no valid use.  We have taken this back to avoid damage in use and now enables the book to be fully used and strengthened.



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