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Miniature Charmed

Book size - 8" x 6" x x 2½" inch thick

( 18 cm x 14 cm x 5.5 cm ) 320 page

Hand bag size - 8 x 6x 2½ inch thick ( 180mm x 140 mm x 55mm ) 320 page

Exactly the same as the full replica size but only smaller for easy use and portability.Keep with you in case you meet that unexpected demon. Fully hand made and sewn in the renaissance tradition with 320 pages of vellum 176 gsm paper, archival and acid free rated to last more than 300 years, hand deckled edges to reproduce the old hand made paper style, raised Triquetra symbol in aged red. marble endpapers, finest quality Australia leathers. Hand dyed and waxed finish. Leasther wrap not included and the pages are not aged like in our special TVOS edition.

Now includes series eight

Price 242 Euro + delivery

postage and shipping air express click here



Tallpoppy Studio Charmed Book Features :

All tallpoppy Studio Charmed Replicas use the same set of graphics and spells series 1 to 8 recreated by Archie.

We use the finest materials and archival acid free 176 gsm vellum paper technically rated to last more than 300 years. Hand-bound in green-stained genuine leather; it features a red raised triquetra in the centre of the cover; paisley endpapers; timber cover boards for strength and a reinforced spine. Built to Last.

Our Books are hand-sewn properly made books which means you can actually open the book flat and squash it without breaking the spine, which is a crucial difference between our replica and the many cheap imitations you will find online. Each book comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The TVOS version is the closest made to the original TV show. All the pages are hand aged and then printed. The larger TVOS book come in a protective black leather wrap; inside are all Charmed spells seen on the show so far series 1 to 8 complete.

The price for the TVOS size - our largest book - is €853 + shipping depending on your country.  If you come from another country, we prefer being paid in Euro, and use the converter at to work out the equivalent in your currency. We also make other size charmed books with various options.



Tallpoppy Studio; Help Guide - Shipping and delivery

Postage & packing

When you finally pay for your order, you'll have to include courier costs. Here they are.

Delivery is by air express international courier.

Parcels can be randomly selected for security searches at airports and customs and we cannot predict if and when that will occur as it is entirely random.

This can slow down the delivery times so we give here a guide to delivery only. They can and do vary either way.

My apologies for expensive postal rates but this is happening in every country and this is what we are charged. We do not add any extras.


Delivery and Shipping Rates   2020
International courier - tracking and insurance included 
These are approximate times as parcels can be held for random security inspections and searches.
United States of America & Canada   Cost your currency   Delivery time
TV version   US $135   5 to 10 days
Medium   $104  
Miniature   $58  
Continental Europe              
TV version   € 120    5 to 10 days
Medium   € 92   
Miniature   € 51   
UK and Ireland              
TV version  95  5 to 10 days
Medium   67 
Miniature   37 
Australia & Asia Pacific              
TV version   AUD $35   3 to 4 days
Medium   $21   3 to 4 days
Miniature   $17   3 to 4 days
Other areas Please ask us for shipping quote        

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