The Charmed replica makers

There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to designing your own personal spellbook, journal, genealogy book, etc. 


Choose from one of our five featured designs, or create your own using the options below.

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Wrinkled tan leather.  2 brass corners front & back.  Glass eye in centre, surrounded by brass ring.

Medium sized book.
600 blank pages

€ 351



Purple-dyed leather.  Red heptagram in centre.  2 reinforced corners front & back.  Reinforced spine.

Medium sized book.
600 blank pages.

€ 345


Morgan le Fey

"Dragon's blood" dyed leather.  Sunken triquetra design with glass eye in centre.  2 reinforced corners front & back..  Spine with sashes.

Medium sized book.
600 blank pages.

€ 243



Black wrinkled leather.  4 hand-cast pewter corners on front.   Raised triquetra.

Medium sized book.
600 blank pages.

€ 304



Green-dyed leather. Solid sterling silver triquetra. 2 reinforced corners on front.  Reinforced spine.

Medium sized book.
600 blank pages.

€ 445 guide price only

check first on this one as the silver takes a long time to make the triquetra


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Options to choose from

Blank pages with borders

Set of about 125 borders to decorate your blank pages.  They can be at the beginning or spread about the book.  Just specify.  $60 for Grand books, $40 for medium books and $20 for miniatures.

. .

. .

These vary in style from ancient to modern



Charmed replicas have covers made of leather that we stain 'Charmed green', but we also have at our disposal many colours, materials and techniques which we can use to produce a wide range of covers.  The type of cover does not usually change the price.

From left to right: leather stained 'Charmed Green', black leather, wrinkled black leather, wrinkled leather stained with 'Dragon's Blood', hot wax on green-stained leather.
(Tallpoppy leather - Charmed green) (Tallpoppy leather - Smooth black (Tallpoppy leather - Wrinkled black (Tallpoppy leather - Wrinkled dragon (Tallpoppy leather - Hot wax effect on green leather


Charmed replicas have corners reinforced with boxboard, but you choose to have them plain, or have impressive Gothic-style stained pewter corners.

  • Plain — no extra charge
  • Boxboard (pictured below to the left) — no extra charge
  • Gothic (pictured below to the right) — add $60

(Boxboard corner) (Gothic corner)

If you would like other corners ( brass, silver...) please ask for price

Central cover design

Charmed replicas have a red, raised triquetra symbol in the centre. 

You can choose to have this sunken instead of raised, or another colour instead of red.  You can also have a glass eye set into the middle of the triquetra, or dispense with the triquetra and have a brass ring with an eye in the middle ($50 extra), or a witch's pentagram.  Some customers send us charged crystals or gems to be embedded in the cover (ask for a quote).  We can also paint a design onto the leather ($10–30 extra).

Here are our main designs.  From left to right: red raised triquetra; same triquetra from angle; pentacle (circled pentagram); sunken black triquetra with glass eye; glass eye set in emu skin.
(Charmed Book of Shadows mini-replica) (Close-up of Charmed triquetra) (Close-up of black witch's pentacle) (Close-up of sunken triquetra) (Close-up of glass eye set in emu leather)

Here are some designs we have produced on special request.  From left to right: your own initials; twelve stones around pentagram; spiral; ruby with tattooed astrological symbols; heptagram (fairy star).
Tallpoppy Studio - Initial book Tallpoppy Studio - 12-stone book Tallpoppy Studio - Spiral book Tallpoppy Studio - Ruby book Tallpoppy Studio - Heptagram book


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