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TVOS Charmed Replica



Large size same as seen on TV - 750 page

35cm x 33cm  ( 14" x 13" ) 13 cm thick




  • We have gone to a lot of trouble researching then repainting it in the style of the TV show. Each picture is hand painted by our artists and then scanned with printing in archival ink. Archival acid free paper 216 gsm buff cream vellum which is rated to last more than 300 years - very special. Deckle edge to look like hand made paper, Special aging of pages to provide old look. Special round back design fully hand sewn and bound in the traditions of the renaissance bookbinders. You can search but you will not find another authentic charmed book made to these exacting specifications and master workmanship.
    All guaranteed hand made, no machinery or modern equipment used - the only exception to that is the printing. Exact to renaissance methods. Comes with signed certificate of authenticity by the master bookbinder, Numbered and registered, includes 3 ribbon bookmarks, information on ink and care, several full size spare pages and information on replacing a page, spare archival paper to test your inks out on, Full leather wrap to protect your book of Shadows and strap.

    Payment plans also available - please ask.

    We ship WORLDWIDE - e.g. - USA, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe.

    Note: Special aging of pages to provide old look but not too much as this can destroy the book long term.

    These are not the cheaper modern Binding style of making books with pins or posts. There are many problems with those and we do not like to recommend those in any way. Tallpoppy books are all hand sewn in renaissance method and allow the book to open and function correctly. Unlike the post system which allows pages to tear out and cannot open correctly due to the posts.

    Now includes all series 1 to 8


    853€      US$950   UK₤729 AUD$1200  + courier

    Delivery courier express is also a lot less now with a special courier deal USA $135... UK₤95 ... Europe mainland ..110 € . Australia $25


    postage and shipping air express click here


    Tallpoppy Studio Charmed Book Features :

    All Tallpoppy Studio Charmed Replicas use the same set of graphics and spells series 1 to 8 recreated by Archie.

    We use the finest materials and archival acid free 216 gsm vellum paper technically rated to last more than 300 years. Hand-bound in green-stained genuine leather; it features a red raised triquetra in the centre of the cover; paisley endpapers; timber cover boards for strength and a reinforced spine. Built to Last.

    Our Books are hand-sewn properly made books which means you can actually open the book flat and squash it without breaking the spine, which is a crucial difference between our replica and the many cheap imitations you will find online. Each book comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The TVOS version is the closest made to the original TV show. All the pages are hand aged and then printed. The larger TVOS book come in a protective black leather wrap; inside are all Charmed spells seen on the show so far series 1 to 8 complete.

    The price for the TVOS size - our largest book - is €853 + shipping depending on your country.  If you come from another country, we prefer being paid in Euro, and use the converter at to work out the equivalent in your currency. We also make other size charmed books with various options.



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