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TESTIMONIALS - What people say.........

Tallpoppy customers are much more than satisfied. Here are some of the e-mails from them.  Addresses have been removed, but not the spelling mistakes!

These are messages of appreciation from selected customers. 

A thank you to all who send me comments.  It does help me continue with pride.

Hi Archie!
The BOS arrived today!! It is breathtaking—a true work of art. I love everything about it especially the look, feel and even smell that it is old. I appreciate all your hard work. I’ll treasure it always.
Thank you,
California 92021

You are so sweet and thorough and patient,
Thank you so much

California USA



Package was received yesterday, and I have only now been able to open it in relative privacy. It is a work of art. Well done, sir. Well done. I am not that much of a Charmed fan, but even I was close to a tear in the ol' eye by how beautifully made this book is. My wife will lose her mind entirely upon opening this up in November.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you very much.

Kindest regards,  J.R


The Charmed replica arrived today and it is breathtaking; far beyond my expectations. It has been a pleasure working with you and you’ve been beyond helpful throughout this entire process. Thanks again for everything.


Spencer Library USA  

Hi Archie, I received my beautiful book today! While I of course, expected a high quality book, I was blown away by the actual beauty of it. It feels wonderful in my hands and it smells wonderful too. The color and leather you chose for the cover are perfect and although i know the wrinkles were hard to do on a small book, you did them perfectly. I love the paper, the print quality, everything. Some day i will be back again to purchase a big book! In the meantime, i will enjoy my little magic book and practice vanquishing demons en francais!
thank you again so much!

I have no idea what word can describe the greatness of your work to let you know how much I appreciate your effort and skill but I do want to let you know, getting the opportunity to own your art is a honor. I am proud to have it and your art is almost magical.When I touch the book, it just feels like dreaming,hard to believe it was real.
Thank you so much SO MUCH and take care yourself. Wish your work and skill can live forever.



Hello Archie!!!

I received my Charmed book about 20 minutes ago! After having a quick look and turning each page with utter awe and pleasure, I wanted to email ASAP and let you know that I got it and OMG I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

It's better than I ever imagined it would be! (And SO heavy! WOW!!) And with all the extras and the blank pages and certificate of authenticity, it's just FANTASTIC!!!

Thank you SOOOOO much for all the hard work that went into the making of this BEAUTIFUL book and for all the helpful and kind correspondences I received from you during the making of the book.

Again, THANK YOU!!!!

Best Regards,
 United Kingdom  
Hi Archie
Just letting you know the books arrived today. They are absolutely stunning, words cannot describe them really, I am extremely pleased with them, thank you so, so, so, so much.
A x  United Kingdom 2014
Hi Archie,
Just wanted to let you know my Book Of Shadows has reached my home this morning in a perfect state.
What a huge book! It's true what people say, it really is totally worth the money and the wait.
Thank you so much for making this wonderful piece of art and also thanks for the extra pages. If I had to tell you everything I like about it I would be going on for days. The handwriting, the triquetra, the drawings, everything looks fantastic! It will certainly serve me well over the years, I'm sure.
Once again thank you very much for all your hard work, your craftsmanship and the great communication along the way. I was quite surprised that a professional such as yourself was so nice and normal.
If you would like to put this email on your website as a review or anything, be my guest. I don't mind people knowing how wonderful your work is.

Kindest regards and, of course, Blessed Be,



Hello Archie I received my book "the book of shadows" this morning.

I am very happy, it's beautiful, you did a great job
Honestly I grew up with the series Charmed I still love elsewhere
it was a dream for me to have this book so thank you very much, keep up the good work thank you again it was a real pleasure
Endy cordially 

Bonjour Archie j'ai reçu mon livre "the book of shadows" ce matin.

je suis très content, il est magnifique, vous avez fait du beau travail
honnètement j'ai grandi avec la série Charmed que j'aime toujours d'ailleurs
c'était un rêve pour moi de posséder ce livre alors merci beaucoup, continuez à faire du beau travail encore merci ce fut un réel plaisir
cordialement Endy
France  2014

Hello Archie,

This morning the charmed book was delivered to us.

I unpacked it right away and it looks fantastic. Your work is marvelous and it’s worth every penny.

It’s a gift for my wife and I’m sure she will love it.

Thank you very much for your effort!

Kind regards,


Nederlands 2014

So a huge, huge thank you for such an amazing book!  

So thank you again, really the Book of Shadows is just beautiful and our daughter absolutely is completely and utterly in love with it!


K and Family        Hong Kong.

May 2014

Archie, I picked up my book from the post office on Saturday. I am so happy to finally receive it. It was definitely worth the wait. I will be interested in adding any updates you guys produce for the book in the future. Thanks again. MB 2012

Hello Alistair, you know, my English is not good and I think, I can't exactly say what I mean. But I will try. Have many many thanks for all. For many people it is not usual to be so kindly and frendly. I am absolute surprised. I wish i could do something for you. Thomas Germany 2012

J'ai reçu mon livre je le trouve super , merci beaucoup
bonne continuation.

Cl................ France 2012

Hi Archie,

I received the book today. It is everything i hoped for and more. I am sure you have heard it before but honestly - your work is amazing!

All the best in the future and i will be in touch should i need any more books done up and rest assured i will spread the word of your work! :)


Hi Archie,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the book and it is here at school with me.
I am absolutely in love with it!
Thank you so much for the work and effort you put into this amazing piece of work,
And thank you for the great communication during the process.

Wishing you all the best,


I have just received my charmed miniature book and I can't thank you enough for the quality and artwork inside it. It is more beautiful than anything I could've imagined. It was definitly worth the wait. Thank you so much, and keep this business running because you have a talent.

TL .............Florida USA 2011

"In a market that would, on first impression, seem to be filled with bookbinders offering a plethora of tomes; it seems very few are actually offering true sewn binding in the old world style. The exception being perhaps limited to a few true artists and master bookbinders such as Alistair "Archie" Graham (Australia) of Tallpoppy Studio (link here), who's work we have always admired for originality, and is exceptional work. He was the first to offer the Charmed Book of Shadows (which we have no intention on offering, so don't ask). However, over the years we watched as the market has slowly been consumed and flooded by poorly made copies of Archie's original works for which, in truth, there is no comparison. If you are looking for a Charmed replica, do yourself a favor and drop by Tallpoppy Studio. You will not be disappointed."


Bonjour Archie,

j'ai bien recu le livre,il est parfait!!!merci beaucoup!
hi archie!
thank you so much for the book. It arrived last week, but I had not the time to write you sooner. I`m very happy with the book. I can not belief how big it is :) And also thank you for all the extra pages (the empty ones)! It`s very beautiful! Thank you! It`s really worth the money and waiting!!
Kindest regards from Austria
R ..... Austria............. 2011


Good day, got the book! uau is huge and heavy hammer nicely done! would they recommend! I thank them fell again! would wash the inside and a nice day.

Yours sincerely,
CS .......... Switzerland......... 2012

Thank You Very Much Archie, I really really love my book, i was so overjoyed when it arrived this morning, my Mum and Sister said that i "look like a Child in a Candy Store", I couldn'd believe it when i saw the pacakage on the table, Thank You so much, for all your hard work, time and effort to get me this book, i will cherish it always and reference you to anyone who is willing to purchase a Charmed Replica or a Personalised Book, Thank You very much. M.M - Australia

Thank you for this book for my 13th birthday. I have to say this is some big book, it was double the size I was expecting but I still love and find it even better. I love the cover very nice coloring on the leather! Also the triquetra very nice!!! I love this book so much so so so much, I look at it over and over again taking videos and pictures of me by my book. The 4 months I waited was very much worth the wait! I was surprised though that it came today on a Saturday, awesome!! I will recommend you to any adult and my friends who want a book!! Thank you so much you made me so happy!!!

Archie -- I just received my book and after just a cursory peek thru the pages, I can't even express how impressed I am.  The letters posted on your site about the quality of your work does not do you justice.  I am absolutely floored!  I am really looking forward to spending as much time as possible to flip thru every single page but I can tell you right now, I love this book so much.  Thank you, thank you so much for your hard and excellent work.  This book is well worth the money and the wait. 


New York

May 2010

Hello Archie,
the book arrived, thanks. I know it said on your website that it was a big book but its not big but huge! I don't think I have ever seen a bigger book than that! Absolutely amazing. Fabulous. It was well packed, Anyway, thank you again so much for a wonderful book.
Kind Regards
B. United Kingdom.
April 2010

Hello Archie!
The book arrived on Monday morning. it is amazing, dont have a word to describe how much i love it.


April 2010.

salut archie je viens de recevoir le livre il est magnifique merci pour tous vous etes formidable
bonne continuation



Re Bonjour Alistair,

Oubliez mon message précédent. J’ai reçu le livre aujourd’hui. Il est absolument MAGNIFIQUE. Les yeux vont pétiller à noël… MERCI BEAUCOUP de votre talent.

Est-ce qu’il existe d’autres planches qui ne sont pas dans le livre ?

A bientôt


Hi Archie,
I just got my book and I am very very HAPPY!!
the book is AMAZING, the colours look so great and the leather wrap is great too!! I have just gone through all pages and they look great !!
Thanks for my book and I wish you the best!!
- Belgium

hey Alistair , i would just like to say thank you so much for the book it is great and just what i imagined its absuletly purfect i will keep it near me for eva ill use your advice on book care - Tania's Daughter

Hi Alistair, Just wanted to say a big thankyou, i received the book of shadows a couple of days ago and it is brilliant!

My daughter will be thrilled to bits on christmas day.

Many, many thanks

Kind Regards


Hello, just to let you know my book arrived safely today and i was stunned by the size of it! Thank you for creating such a beautiful book and i will treasure it always. Many Thanks J S

Hi again. I just wanted to let you know that my book finally arrived today. It is wonderful and amazingly accurate. I didn't know that it was going to be so much like the real book. Thank you so much! I will cherish it always.-A L.

(Photo of Karin with her book) Thank you so much!!!!! It is so much better than I ve ever imagine, thank you so much for making my dreams come true. I shall put picture of the book on my website and put Tallpoppy to my links. I will be for ever thanksful for this. I can't believe is true... but it really is... I wish you wrote your autograf in my book. I would very much like the future to know who made this fantastic book, so if you ever come to Norway, let me now, and I would like to meet you. Thanks again for making my dream come true... Kind regards KP

(Click on the image to see a larger version)

{The book] took my breath away ... and i cant stop looking at it, I Love It!!!!!!, you really have done a magickally fantastic job!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) , Thank You so much for having so much patience with us , we our very grateful . Positivily a most Beautiful Work of Art!!!, Thank You So Much!, G & C J :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

My name is Brent and I am from Kentucky in the USA. I just received my Charmed replica this past week, and I couldn't be happier. The book is beautiful, but more on that in a moment. The main purpose of this letter is to let everyone know about my experiences with Tallpoppy Studios, specifically Archie (aka Alistair), to brag a little about how great the book (and this site) is, and to settle a few questions that others might have about the replica itself.

First about the book: it is EVERYTHING I hoped for, and then some. The book is AUTHENTIC and extensively detailed. You see, if you're like me, and you're buying (or thinking about buying) this book, then you know EVERYTHING about Charmed and the Book of Shadows, down to knowing which ear The Seer wears her one earring on (it's the left one, damn it! *smile*) So we (read: I) don't want a "replica" that is only a passing resemblance to the real BoS. We want the REAL Book of Shadows!

(See the rest of Brent's letter)

Hi Archie!

I have now received the book and I wish to clearly say that it is absolutely fantastic. My words cannot express how happy I am that I now own this book. My husband and I are equally astonished each morning when we see the book and its size.......It is as if it becomes bigger by the day, and even more fantastic. I am just so incredibly happy to have a book that has been made by Archie Graham and would like my future family to see who has made the book and when. In addition, it is quite unique in Norway. There are quite a few people who have really become interested in my book after I have shown them pictures of it and you may even get some more inquires from Norway, if you haven't already. The book made its way to Norway in fine shape. It was very well packaged and it was a dream come true when I sat with the book in my lap. I just cannot describe the is just a marvelous job.....!!!! It was great that you included "Extra pages" and folders for photographs and pressed flowers. The information that you sent was also very good and informative....I shall follow the instructions when using the book...

I just can't believe it is now mine...

Thank you again, I will always be deeply grateful.


Dad said it was in, so i rushed from school to pick up my book today!! i luuuuv luuv luuuv it!!! it's what i wanted PLUS more!! if i described all the details of why i luv it you'd be reading this email for days, so i'm gonna say that it is the best!!! YOU are the best bookbinder ever!! keep doin it cuz if you don't all of the TRUE charmed fans would suffer haha. i can't concentrate on my homework now that that big honkin book is right next to me. i'm gonna have a hayday with it. all my friends are gonna be soo jealous. thank you so much for makin this kid very very happy!!!
catch you later,
BS :) :) :)

Thank you so much, your work is simply excellent and my son was, for the first time, speechless. I may be asking you to make another book for my daughter's birthday in end of March ... Again, thank you.

Dear Sir, I could not be more pleased with my book. It is an absolutely wonderful work of art. I have sat in awe of it , for the last hour, caressing and bonding with your beautiful work of art you created for me. Many Blessings: KD

Dear Mr. Graham,
To much anticipation my book has arrived and I am very pleased. Your work is magnificent. I have never owned such a book of such quality. I can't think of a better piece to own so closely associated with my favorite show. I am happy to refer you to anyone looking for a book of this construction. I know who I'll return too for my next book. Blessed Be PS

Hello Archie, On Thursday I received my book. It is absolutly Beautiful! I am so Happy with it, it is everything I expected and more. The Cover and spine are absolutly stunning. I am so happy with the paper and binding system, and thanks for the extra paper. And the graphics, they are breath taking. Thank you for everything. It arrived in perfect condition and was well worth the wait. Its just wonderful!

Thanks again, DL

Hello Archie!!! I hope all finds you and yours well this Xmas/Yule season, I am trying to 'gear up' for the holidays, but you know how it can be sometimes!!! I may have written to you before, letting you know how much i enjoy your work, my CHARMED BOS is, of course, magnificent, and if I may, I would like to express that on your Web Site, in a post or something?!?!?! Better yet, feel free to put this email up, if you so desire. I hope that soon I can order yet another book from you, and they are most assuredly worth the wait AND the cost!!!!

With love, Mary Beth

Hi Archi,

Would you possibly be able to tell me what sort of inks to stock up on for the BOS? By the by I must congratulate you on the emaculate copies of the charmed book it simply stunned me how accurate and wonderfull the artwork was. The title page was amazing, how did you manage to make it so traditional, authentic and just plain amazing (espesially the small yellow details around the vines!). So thanks again for sharing your great art with me.

Hello Archie, I have just received the book. It is a present for my daughter and she is over the moon with it! Fantastic. You have done a great job and the wait was all worth while. Thanks and best wishes, Alan. USA







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