The Charmed replica makers

simple payment plan

We have a simple payment plan.  You can pay by instalments any amount that you prefer as and when you want.   Your first payment is the deposit and then you will go on our waiting list and I proceed to make your charmed book.  When it is finished we set it aside with your name on it until the balance has been paid.  When any amount is paid we send a receipt and let you know the balance remaining.  All I ask is that part payments are kept to even amounts like 50 100 or 200 to make it easier for accounting.   We do not charge any extra fees for this or any interest or other charges.  It is just a very simple payment plan that makes it easier for people to pay off their books. You can of course pay for your book in one amount at any time.

The amount is set when you pay your deposit and the price will not increase or go up even if we have other price increases on our books.  We do this every couple of years to keep in touch with rising materials etc.  But once you have paid a deposit the price is set with no price rises.  If there is any way of reducing the price, for example cheaper shipping rates or materials, then I will pass on these reductions and reduce your price.

To order a charmed book on the payment plan simply send a deposit and mention in the email somewhere "payment plan". I can then send you out some information and updates.

Making a Payment