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How much does a Charmed book cost ?

.Full price list available click here

Shipping and delivery Costs

We deliver world wide - Full details and costs click here

Other Languages

Archie speaks English and ' very ' basic French, Italian and Japanese. ....

You can use this translator for many languages and I can use it to reply in your ........language but it will be basic. .....http://www.google.com/translate

Book Language Versions - English & French available

There is a Professional French translation of The Charmed Book of Shadows available. .The same cost as the English versions. Just mention you want French or English.

What size Charmed Books do you make ?

..TVOS - This is the large version exact same size as the original.on TV. This version has special hand aged pages. ..750 pages.

Medium - A little larger than A4 . 600.pages. The pages are not indiviudally aged but it has old cream vellum paper.

. Miniature - A small version with all the same spells and graphics.from series 1 to 8. 320 pages.

Are all the spells and graphics the same for all size books ?

Yes we have recreated a set of .290 graphics pages and spells from Series 1 to 8 complete.  All updated 2020 ( English version and French version seperate set of spells ) ....We have gone to great length and discussion with charmed fans to establish all authentic pages and make our Charmed books the same content as the original. If it appeared in the original charmed book on television we have included it. Other miscellaneous stuff we don't have in our books unless requested.

What spells & graphics are included in the Charmed Book ?

Full List available

What other options can I have in my Book ?

For your Charmed book you can have a completely blank book with archival vellum paper - All sizes with the Charmed red tri cover.

You can also chose a set of 125 mixed borders. We have created these from old and new borders so you can write your own spells in a beautiful border surround. These are nothing to do with Charmed series but look great in a book.

. .

Samples - These vary in style from ancient to modern

For your Charmed TVOS aged version we also do a 320 page version. It is exactly the same except it has fewer blank pages. Just the spells and graphics.

Personalized Book ?

Personalised Books

You can design your own or chose from our selection. Any cover and any content. Blank or border.

Archive of Books

How long does it take to make a book ?

We are only a small specialised bookbinding studio making old hand made books. The miniatures can be made in a day and the larger TVOS version can take a week. In practice, it takes longer with the printing. Most of the delay comes from a waiting list as there are always a lot of people who want our books. It just depends on how busy I am. You can expect at least 20 people at any one time. So I slowly work through the list in date order of deposits or money paid.

The best thing to do is put yourself on the waiting list straight away by sending deposit. Then you are on the list and we can confirm exactly what you want. In any case, as they all say, a Tallpoppy Book is well worth the wait.


Is the Tallpoppy version exactly the same as the TV original ?


Let's say a little more about the book on the show:

The book is a TV show prop and they keep swapping all the pages about. This is because the book has pins holding it together and it does not quite sit nice and flat for a photo shot. You often see the girls holding it open all the time. So, camera technicians like the actual page being filmed for that scene in the middle of the book. If you look at a lot of the book shots on screen the are more than often open in the middle. Also the Triquetra is a flap of leather stuck onto the cover. Since pins hold that book together, the pages can pull out over time.

That is why we have to make them in correct way to avoid these problems. For this reason we have recreated a properly hand bound and sewn heirloom edition book that will stand the test of time. Our books are hand-sewn so they lay out flat and won't break. There is no logical sequence in the TV show book. We bind them together in some kind of order and, in particular, we pair up pages when we know they are definitely opposite, such as the known double-spreads and the others that appear on the show opposite another page. In other words, we make our replicas as similar to the original as they can be, whilst bearing in mind that customers want a real book.

If we gave you a TV prop, you would be disappointed. So, ours is designed to last and made in the old renaissance methods of hand-sewn spines. The triquetra is inlaid under the leather cover so it can never come off. If you have pages that you know are in the book and not on our list please send them over and we will try to include them. Not the graphic crossed out as it was torn from the book, but any others we'll consider them.

With our special binding you can open our books flat and squash them without the spine breaking. Modern books can't do that. You can see here our hand sewing.

What paper and materials do you use ?

Archival acid free Mohawk vellum 176 gsm - It is technically rated to last more than 300 years. It is a cream coloured vellum. For the special TVOS version only we hand age each page and then print. It wears out a full set of print heads for each book adding to the cost. The leather we use is high grade full hide - not the cheap composite stuff - Threads are high grade waxed linen. Timber covers under leather.

Tallpoppy Books are made to last more than 300 years like the archival paper we insist on usng. Kept in a safe dry place and you can look at 1000 years.


Do you make any books without animal products of any kind ?


" VEGAN " Special Edition - Non Animal Products

Due to special interest we are now producing a full range of all our Charmed Books with Non Animal products.

We use a heavy Irish linen cloth dyed with plant glues & waxes. All the spells and graphics are the same and they look the same.

Prices are also the same but just mention VEGAN with your order so we can make a special note.


Why do the Tallpoppy Charmed books cost so much ?


Tallpoppy Studio books are a little more expensive than some others you may find

However, they are not so expensive for what you are getting. Archie has spent best part of 25 years learning this trade and over nine months researching and painting all the art work, researching the best materials for the books like acid free archival paper that is rated to last more than 300 years.

How much would it cost to have printed 220 colour A3 pages? Photocopying alone would be $4 = $880. You couldn't get a printer to do just a couple of copies as the cost to set up all the separate plates would be astronomical.

Most of the cheap copies out there are not correctly bound in the same hand sewn traditional methods we use. We don't know of anyone that has a set of these exact replicas on the market other than us.

You could scan each page if you had our book and graphics. Hand age the paper and then print them out yourselves. It takes one set of ink cartridges to print one TVOS book and a full set of print heads at a cost of 180. Then you have to bind it all in an age old book. Any wonder we have no opposition out there for the quality we do. No one can put it all together at these prices. You have to passionate.

Then there is the cost of the paper, leather, tools, and man hours. We believe you are getting good value for money.


Where is the Forum ?

We have had to transfer our old web site to a new web site as we ran out of room on the old one.  We have tried to copy our forum across but have found many problems in updating to the new program.  We have had to put the forum on hold until we can fix all these problems and update our forum.  I am not sure how long this will take as it is more complicated than I can fix and I have some computer guys looking into it all. We have kept a backup of it all so hopefully we can get the forum up and running again one day soon.     I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

How do I avoid scams over the internet ?

We have setup this website to help people avoid scams and frauds over the internet. I hope you find it interesting and helpful.

Avoiding scams help page


What people say ?

Testimonials pages

Who is archie ?


**  A little older and greyer now **

Tallpoppy Studio was established in 1995 by Master Bookbinder Artist

Alistair 'archie' Graham.

Australian owned business based in Australia.

Archie has studied renaissance art, painting methods, gold leafing and bookbinding around the world and taught fine art in Australia and France.

The aim of the studio was to create beautiful hand made books and albums in a genuine renaissance style and technique.

The Charmed series offered a perfect opportunity to reproduce age old techniques of bookbinding and art in new edition books. The studio now also make wiccan books to personal requirements and a range of journals and books newly hand made but with the look and feel of ancient books

Clover - Archie's little helper

Archie's little helper - Familiar. ......." Clover "



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