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 Celebrating 25 years of Bookmaking  October 2018



Special Promotion to celebrate 25 years

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With the recent drop in the Australian dollar your currency is now worth more -US$,UK₤,€ We do not want to create a mass panic but we are offering a 20% discount on the price of the Gold Version to international buyers only ( Unfortunately not Australia residents ).

We have never had to offer any discounts on our books as people accept them as the best available and there has been no price rises for well over 10 years.  Basically we receive a bonus in higher Australian dollars for the books with the Aussie dollar being low but then we have to pay much more for the international materials - paper leather, ink  coming from USA and Europe. So that extra bonus gets diminished.

We can however offer 20% discount for a limited time only as the Aussie dollar may rise again or we may not be able to keep up with the demand.  We have also slashed our courier costs by nearly half as we have arranged a special deal for international deliveries

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Standard Charmed TVOS

We can't be so generous on the TVOS but we can offer substantial 10% discount to international buyers and for a limited time only.

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The same celebration discounts will be automatically available to our German and French websites.

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Firstly, we are the main producers of accurate replicas of the Book of Shadows that you may know from the TV series Charmed.  Click “Charmed replica” for all details or to order a book now!

3 sizes available with all the spells and potions from series 1 to 8 complete.


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new .. .. edition


This is our premium edition for the consummate charmed fan.

Special features include:

Very heavy vellum archival 216 gsm paper.

24 KT Gold leaf Triad, Necromancer, Promote Compromise and Title Page.

Double High density printing.

Our usual hand aged pages for the TVOS Version and full leather wrap to protect your book.

Due to the thick vellum paper this Gold edition has 600 pages. There is still plenty of room for all your own spells.


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" VEGAN " Special Edition - Non Animal Products

Due to special interest we are now producing a full range of all our Charmed Books with Non Animal products. We use a heavy Irish linen cloth dyed with plant glues & waxes. All the spells and graphics are the same and they look the same. Prices are also the same but just mention VEGAN with your order so we can make a special note.

Click here for VEGAN information

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Secondly, we can make any other book you like or can imagine  This year we celebrate making over 1000 hand made books for our many happy customers world wide. Virtually any book you can imagine - we can make. Our clients include Sheiks and Royalty, Rock stars and celebrities, Movies, Corporations,

and of course people just like you who love books.

These include Book of Shadows, Tomes and Grimoires. Journals, albums and individually made creations.

Click on “Personalised books” for more details or to order a book now!


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